The Roastery

Starting in the garage of our home, we quickly realized that in order to achieve Steel Oak Coffee's mission of bringing great coffee to our community, a commercial space was needed. We landed in Ormond Beach's warehouse district. Right across the street from Ormond Brewery, our 650 sq ft space is capable of meeting our existing goals and all considerations have been made which will allow us to grow in capacity without requiring us to relocate. 

The roastery is a licensed wholesale manufacturer of coffee products. It took a lot of effort (and a lot of sinks) to achieve the required certifications. But we are more than pleased with the results. We value quality at all levels of our business and think that our production space reflects this best.

We currently roast all of our coffees on Mill City manual propane drum roasters; 2 &10k machines. Each batch is artfully roasted with careful attention paid to every variable, ensuring the best presentation of our coffees in your cup. Every batch is recorded throughout the roasting process. The data is archived and can be accessed at anytime to review cupping notes from our team, wholesale partners, or you. This traceability and feedback loop allows us the confidence that each bag sold is going to be the best it could be.