Local Delivery

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Local small-batch coffee delivered to your front door every Saturday morning.

For our Ormond Beach customers, we want you to have an experience like no other. On your doorstep, before the distractions of the day come knocking, your week's supply of Steel Oak Coffee awaits you. Never run out of coffee again.

Highlights of Local Door Step Delivery

  • It's Locally Fueled.  A member of the Steel Oak Coffee team personally delivers your coffee to you every week.

  • FREE Delivery. No additional charge to deliver the coffee from our roastery to your front door!

  • Subscription Based. Once you sign up, we'll do the rest of the work. Every week when your coffee is delivered, your payment is processed automatically. 

  • Exclusive Offerings. As a subscriber to our local delivery service, you will have priority accees to new coffees as well as all current public offerings. 

  • Discover Coffee. All coffees we roast for our delivery customers are priced the same - something we only offer subscribers. So feel free to branch out and explore. 

  • Hassle Free.  We make it easy. Free to cancel anytime, skip weeks, change your coffee selection(s). Your subscription is in your control.

How to start your Steel Oak Coffee Delivery Subscription.

  1. Decide how much coffee you need every week. (See our guidelines below)
  2. Select the QTY of 12oz bags per delivery and whether you would prefer Whole Bean or Ground.
  3. Indicate the frequency of delivery. (You can always change this)
  4. Click "Select Choices"
  5. Choose coffee(s)
  6. Provide payment information.
  7. Receive your first delivery of Steel Oak Coffee on Saturday morning.


1 Bag/Week

Ideal for households with 1 - 2 coffee drinkers. Keep your cup full.  Enough coffee to brew approximately 18 servings (8oz cups).

2 Bags/Week

Ideal for households with 2 - 4 coffee drinkers. Entertain frequently - this one is perfect for you.  Enough coffee to brew approximately 36 servings (8oz cups).

3 Bags/Week

Coffee for 4+ coffee drinkers. You love your coffee, gift some to friends, entertaining company?  Enough coffee to brew approximately 54 servings (8oz cups). 

4 Bags/Week

Coffee for small office, large gatherings, event coordinator?  Enough coffee to brew approximately 72 servings (8oz cups).