Gentleman's Blend

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Limited Edition Barrel-Aged Blend.

We started with beans from Colombia (Los Naranjos de San Augustin) which cupped great at the table; caramel and citrus tones with wonderful acidity.

Aged this green in a whiskey barrel from Florida Farm Distillers; a micro-distillery located on a small cattle farm near Umatilla, Florida. 

Developed a roast profile which maintained the complex acidity of the original coffee to complement the smoky sweetness developed with aging.

To round out the cup, we blended a traditionally processed Sumatra from the Bergandal Farm located in the Bener Meriah sub district of the Gayo region

The result...a brew that is a sophisticated full-bodied cup layered in complex tones of sweet spices with a delicate boozy finish.

Our Gentleman's Blend is now available in short supply; so grab a bag while it is still around.