Ethiopia - Worka Sakaro

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Origin: Worka-Sakaro, Gedeb, Gedeo Zone, SNNP Region

Processing: Natural, Wine Fermented

Altitude: 2,000-2,200 MASL

Varietal(s): Heirloom (Kudhume, Welisho, and Dego)

Roast Level: Light

Cupping Notes:: Fruity and Sweet. Summer Berries (strawberry, blueberry, strawberry), Peach Candy, Mango, Marshmallow, Smooth, Lovely Body, Clean.

We work hard to make sure our Ethiopian selections represent what great coffees from the origin can do in the cup - welcome Worka Sakaro.

This coffee comes to us from the washing station at Worka Sakaro which was founded in the mid-90s by Ato (“Mr.”) Mijane Worassa on land he inherited from his father, about 25 miles from Yirgacheffe in the woreda (district) of Gedeb. Over 400 neighboring producers deliver their coffee to the station, most of whom live on the slopes of a nearby mountain called Rudu. These are garden producers, growing coffee on tracts of land no larger than two hectares (about the size of a city block). 

The washing station, which Ato Mijane runs with his son Daniel Mijane, is well equipped for the processing of quality coffee with a locally-built depulper, clean washing tables and tanks, over three hundred raised beds for drying, and two warehouses capable of holding a season’s worth of coffee.

The varieties grown in this area are heirloom varieties identified as mostly Kudhume, Welisho, and Dego. The Worka Sakaro station maintains a nursery of young plants which it makes available to its members for the purpose of expanding their production or replanting old plots.