Ethiopia - Gedeb Sirba

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Origin: Gedeb, Ethiopia

Region: Gedeo Zone

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1,770-2,200 MASL

Varieties: Heirloom (Arabica and Local Landrace Varieties)

Certifications: USDA Organic (Green Coffee)

Roast Level: Light

Cupping Notes: Blueberry Jam, Jasmine, Strawberry Wine

METAD owns Africa’s first SCA-certified quality control lab and the company provides post-harvest training and health benefits to its employees, keeping in mind that in order for a company to thrive, its employees and the communities it works in must also thrive.

This coffee comes from METAD’s Gedeb site in the fertile Southern Nations, Nationaliies, and Peoples’ Regions (SNNPR) of Gedeb, found within the Gedeo zone, approximately 437 Kilometers South of Addis Ababa. Here METAD operates a washing station and dry mill, employing 28 permanent staff and 700 seasonal employees between this station and their partner station in Hambela. Seventy percent or more of these staff members are women, plus METAD partners with over 700 outgrowers to provide best practices on growing, harvesting, and selling coffee.