Colombia - Los Jasminez

Colombia - Los Jasminez

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Location at Origin: Andes, Antioquia

Farm: Los Jasminez

Total Farm Area: 2.5 hectares

Processing: Washed. Dry ferment 18-24 hours.

Altitude: 1,920 MASL

Roast Level: Medium

Cupping Notes: Plum, Grapefruit, Sweet & Clean

An amazing microlot produced on the small farm located high in the Andes Mountains owned and operated by Hector Dario Gil Bedoya and his family. His dedication to bringing the best his farm can produce to the market shines through in this coffee. With a small production output, we were lucky enough to secure one of the few bags produced this year.

This coffee performs with any brewing method you throw at...but you have to give the Wave a chance with this one.