Colombia - La Loma Casa Grande

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Location at Origin: Vereda Palmichal, Caramanta Municipality, Antioquia Department, Colombia

Farm: La Loma Casa Grande

Owner: Mrs. Sandra Isabel Largo P.

Processing: Washed. 

Altitude: 1,700 MASL

Roast Level: Medium Light

Cupping Notes: Almond, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Sweet and Full-Bodied

An amazing microlot produced on the small farm located high in western branch of the Colombian Andes Mountains owned and operated by Sandra and her family. They have their own processing facility for peeling, washing, and solar drying the coffee on patios. Not only do they manage all processing of the coffees which they grow, due to their continued investment in methods, neighboring farms request assistance in the processing of their coffee. A true innovator, La Loma is a producer dedicated to proudly providing great coffees, and we are honored to share the efforts of her labor with you

This coffee is a crowd pleaser. Looking into an empty cup will having you reaching for the kettle again. This one shines with the Chemex, but stands on its own no matter which method of brewing is your go to.