because life is too short for bad coffee

Specialty coffee, small batch roasted in Ormond Beach...delivered to your home.

Coffee You'll Love

Choose specialty coffees sourced, hand crafted, and small batch roasted in Ormond Beach, FL.

Convenience You Deserve

Never wake up coffee-less. You'll rest easy knowing your morning cup will be waiting for you.

Flexibility You Crave

Select your favorite coffees, how much you need, and how often you want them delivered.

Life's Moments, Perfected

Spend time enjoying life's moments - because they're all amazing with great coffee.

Amazing coffees, roasted to order, community driven.

Free Local Delivery 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed  ●  Flexible & Convienent

How Your Local Coffee Subscription Works

Choose Your Coffee

Totally new to specialty coffee or well on your way to coffee geekery? No matter what your taste, you deserve a locally roasted coffee you'll fall in love with. Feel free to stay more classic/traditional, or venture into something surprising. We guarantee a lineup that will always allow you to have the coffee experience you want.

Set Your Delivery Schedule

You choose how often you’d like to receive your coffee subscription. We deliver every Saturday, you decide which frequency works best. Want to skip a week or need more coffee for guests? Your subscription is yours and has the versatility to match your needs.

Enjoy Life with the Freshest Coffee

Coffee tastes best fresh and when it's roasted locally for you. It's gonna be tough to get that full-packed flavor from just anywhere. Your cup will be vibrant, complex, and delightful in ways you deserve. Every bag of your coffee proudly indicates the date we roasted it. Without compromise, we stand behind the quality and experience you'll have discovering and making better coffee at home with us.

One Amazing Price

Your journey in speciality coffee may be one that is filled with exploring new tastes or resides in the comfort of holding steadfast to origins that you have grown to love. Steel Oak offers ALL current coffees to our local delivery program customers, allowing you to choose, and swap, between them without increasing your coffee budget.

No Added Delivery Fee

Fueled by us, your coffee is packaged and readied for personal doorstep delivery every Saturday morning by members of our team. We canvas town early so your coffee is waiting on your doorstep as the weekend starts. True personal courier service driven by our commitment to our neighbors' coffee experience.

Coffee as You Need It

Everyone has a personal relationship to their coffee and we want it to be at it's best. We commit that your coffee will always be roasted fresh and delivered how and when you need it. Our program is fully customizable for you; whole bean/ground, one bag or many, every week/once a contracts, no obligations. Just great coffee.  

Why You Should Consider Supporting Local Coffee

Your Money Stays in Town. By supporting local coffee, you are contributing directly to the economy of our city. We all benefit from local economic prosperity.

Your Needs Matter. Local coffee adapts to the wants and needs of our community. We're continuously refining our coffee selections based on feedback from our customers.

Our Community Stays Unique. Close your eyes and think about the city of Ormond Beach. Local shops are what weaves its unique fabric. The more support we show these homegrown businesses, the less likely we will transform into sameness.

Your Coffee is Better. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality coffee experience for our customers. We relentlessly seek-out and meticulously roast coffees that will cause you to contemplate each cup.

Locally Owned & Operated
in Ormond Beach, FL
Since 2016