Winter Surf - Seasonal Blend

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It's that time of year again. When the temperatures drop low enough to grab a jacket before heading out for the evening.

That bone shattering cold creates a craving for something a little heavier and darker.

Here is the solution.

This year's blend it a true crowd pleaser and works with every setting you can throw at it. Morning cup - CHECK. Share with a coffee loving friend - CHECK. Accompany a great meal - CHECK. A great gift - CHECK. Sanity in cup - CHECK.

Comprised of specialty coffees from Africa and Central America. Each individually roasted, then blended at proportions to fill your cup with tones of dark fudge, toasted marshmallow and grapefruit, it's designed to make you smile, dance, and laugh the chill right off you this winter season.

Get yourself a bag...we expect this one to run out's that good!