Papua New Guinea - Waghi Valley, Jiawaka

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Origin: Waghi Valley, Jiwaka

Producer: Sigri Coffee Estate

Processing: Washed 

Altitude: 1,524 MASL

Varietal(s): Typica, Arusha, Caribbean Blue

Roast Level: Medium-Dark

Cupping Notes: Dark Caramel, Pecan, Green Apple, Baking Spices, Smooth and Medium Bodied

Sigri Coffee Estate is located in Waghi Valley of Jiwaka Province, very close to Banz town in Papua New Guinea. This estate was planted in 1950’s by Tom Cole – a Coffee planter and Crocodile Hunter.

This coffee is hand-picked when ripe, then subjected to a unique pulping process, followed by fermentation. Finally, washing is done to strict standards . Water from the close-by Wara Aiyne keeps this wet processing factory operational. Tiled vats guarantee top fermentation hygiene is ensured . Washing finishes the wet processing.10-14 days of sun-drying is done to dry coffee to desired moisture levels. The World Famous Sigri mill dry mills the coffee to award winning standards. The top-end color sorting machines are used to reject majority of the defects and even those imperfections caused by impact of environmental change and other natural reasons.

Final rounds of hand-sorting is done by experienced hand sorters which makes this coffee among the world’s finest to be found in this region.

A little bit more:

All of Sigri Estate coffee plantings are exclusively Arabica, concentrating on the Typica varieties, which originated from seeds introduced to Papua New Guinea from the well-known Jamaica Blue Mountain rootstock. Using two varieties of trees, the plantation employs a medium density shade strategy. Shade-grown coffee promotes even ripening of coffee cherries and provides habitat for at least 90 species of birds on the estates, resulting in our Bird-Friendly status.