Costa Rica - Tirra Natural

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Location at Origin: Tarrazú

Processing: Naturally processed and sun-dried for 2 weeks (Microlot)

Altitude: 1,450-1,500 MASL

Varietals: Caturra & Catuai

Roast Level: Medium

Cupping Notes: Dried Fruit, Myer Lemon, Banana Bread, Boozy & Complex

Go big or go home! This coffee is a waterfall of amazing flavor tones and complexity throughout the cup. Not too funky, but gets the tastes buds rolling.

We approached this one to be an amazing coffee experience in the morning, after lunch, or late in the evening....what we're saying if you've never experienced naturally processed coffees, this one's for you to try....not obtuse, just right! It will be a new favorite. 

Tirra Natural comes from the CoopeTarrazú cooperative in Tarrazú, Costa Rica. Tarrazú is one of the most recognizable coffee-producing regions in Costa Rica. CoopeTarrazú is made of over 3,500 partners and associates. The organization values solidarity and sustainability, and prioritizes the welfare of its associates, their families, and communities by providing hands-on technical assistance and investing in solutions to combat challenges like coffee rust, a quick spreading fungus that destroys coffee plants.